Busted: Duterte thanked Henry Sy after rejecting private jet gift? Fake news alert!

Facebook page Favradio FM shared an article about how President Rodrigo Duterte “flatly rejected” a generous gift of a private jet from SM Investments owner Henry Sy.

Duterte Henry Sy Private Jet Gift

We clicked through the article and was directed to a website The article said that Duterte rejected the Chinese-Filipino business magnate’s gift.


It also noted how Sy was born on Christmas day and promised to buy Duterte a “huge surprise” if he gets elected as President of the Philippines. The Bombardier Global Express XRS with Rolls-Royce engines jet allegedly cost Sy $26 million.

Duterte allegedly thanked Sy “for such a wonderful surprise but on a second thought, I see the gift to be an influence that can breed corruption.”

However, Meme Buster has busted that earlier fake article about Sy buying Duterte a jet with “Busted: Henry Sy did not buy $26-M private jet for Duterte.” Such a grand gesture, if true, would have commanded the attention of the media, knowing the personalities involved in the alleged gift giving. Given how fake that article was, it’s obvious that Duterte thanking after rejecting Sy’s jet is also another fake.


As we researched more about this story, we stumbled upon another website bearing the exact report. This is not the first fake news story about Duterte, though, that the website has made.

Duterte Henry Sy Private Jet Gift

Favradio was also one of the pages that shared that fake news about Sy buying Duterte a private jet.

Duterte Henry Sy Private Jet Gift

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