Busted: Trump did not invite Duterte to his January inauguration

A certain John John Fajardo Valdez shared an article on Facebook claiming that US President-elect Donald Trump has invited Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to his inauguration in January next year.

Trump Did Not Invite Duterte

The article claimed that Trump invited 12 world leaders, including Duterte, to his inauguration on January 20, 2017. Trump himself had supposedly called Duterte “immediately after his victory speech early Wednesday morning.” While other leaders had to send their congratulatory messages to Trump, it was the other way around for Duterte, who was the one to receive a call from Trump.


However, the only thing that this article got right is Trump’s inauguration date. The rest is all made up.

No, Trump did not call Duterte.

No, he certainly did not make that call right after he gave his victory speech on November 9.

No, he did not invite Duterte to his inauguration.

And one look at the source of the article will tell you just how fake it is. It was published by, which claimed to break news and rumors involving various topics, from politics to entertainment.


We also busted tv-cnn’s fake article about the supposed arrest of Ronnie Dayan, Senator Leila de Lima’s driver. We also spotted several fake and satirical articles, such as boxing champ Senator Manny Pacquiao being hospitalized for food poisoning and Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt being installed as chief in Ghana, among others.

If you see any tv-cnn article online, make sure to do your own fact checking before believing in that article’s claims.

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