Busted: Reports about de Lima’s driver Ronnie Dayan’s arrest in Urbiztondo are FAKE!

Articles about Senator Leila de Lima’s controversial driver and alleged lover, Ronnie Dayan, being arrested have surfaced online, particularly on Facebook, a few days ago. They were shared by Facebook fan pages.

[50_50_first]Ronnie Dayans Arrest in Urbiztondo
Ronnie Dayans Arrest in Urbiztondo[/50_50_second]

[50_50_first]Ronnie Dayans Arrest in Urbiztondo[/50_50_first][50_50_second]Ronnie Dayans Arrest in Urbiztondo[/50_50_second]

Ronnie Dayans Arrest in Urbiztondo

The articles were picked up by several blogs like Newstitans and PH-NewsPortal. The article shared by Du30NewsInfo, which is included in Meme Buster’s list of sites that have shared fake articles, was already removed.

According to the articles, Dayan was “arrested by the joint police operatives” at dawn and this report was said to be confirmed by Senior Supt. Ronald Lee, Pangasinan’s acting police director. It was also mentioned that the bounty on Dayan’s head has doubled from P100,000 to P200,000, as per a businessman’s pledge.


We checked the articles’ source and they pointed to Netizensph, which also pointed to Newsfileph, and then to a blog called TV-CNN. Indeed, ran an article about Dayan, the very same one that was copied by the previous blogs and shared on Facebook.

We searched for more articles about Ronnie Dayan’s arrest and that certain “Ronald Lee,” who was said to have confirmed the report. We found a Philippine Star article published on October 27, “Reward for Dayan’s arrest raised to P200,000.”

What surprised us is that the content of the Philippine Star report is quite familiar, seeing as how this was also what we found in the other blogs claiming that Dayan was arrested. They were similar, except for the few changes made to the articles posted by the blogs and for the sentences claiming Dayan is already in police custody.

Ronnie Dayans Arrest in Urbiztondo

But while the blogs reiterated most of Philippine Star’s report about the police manhunt and raid against Dayan, they exclude the part where the report quoted Lee saying this: “We will still look for him. Our efforts are unrelenting and we continuously coordinate with other units for his arrest.” They obviously excluded this statement, knowing that it will contradict their false claim about Dayan being apprehended.

The same report also said that as of October 27, when the report was posted, the police still have no idea where Dayan is.

We also checked just how reliable is, although its copycat-sounding name alone makes it suspicious. We looked for Philippine politics-related articles and typed in “Duterte.” It led us to a lot of fake articles involving the Philippine president.

Ronnie Dayans Arrest in Urbiztondo

We also found out that the fake article was published by another known hoax maker,

And even if you try to look for news articles about Dayan’s arrest, you can’t find any so claims about him being held in police custody are fake.

Dayan was cited in contempt for not attending the congressional inquiry into the proliferation of drugs at the New Bilibid Prison. A warrant of arrest was issued against him for failure to testify regarding the allegations against him and his involvement with the Bilibid drug trade.

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