Busted: Did Queen Elizabeth II organize state banquet for Duterte? It’s a hoax!

An article claiming that United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II organized a state banquet for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Queen Elizabeth Banquet for Duterte

Queen Elizabeth Banquet for Duterte

According to the article, published by a blog called, claimed that Duterte is set to make a speech on November 11, 2016 at the Attlee Pontius Suit of the British Houses of Parliament in London.

“A select few of 200 audiences made up of members of both Houses, the London diplomatic community, leading policy institutions and faculty of some United Kingdom universities are expected to sit through the address,” the article claimed.

The article added that Duterte will be introduced by Lord Paul Boateng of the House of Lords and that Queen Elizabeth II has invited Duterte to a “State Banquet” at the Buckingham Palace during his three-day visit in London. And Duterte has supposedly accepted the invitation.


We tried searching for other sources to verify the blog’s claims, but we only found another blog,, claiming the same thing.

We also checked’s “About Us” page and found that the website claims to be an online news site that covers “breaking news and rumours.” It also claimed to be based in Mitcham, South London with more than 22 affiliates around the world. This “About Us” page format is actually quite familiar as it was used by other websites that post fake news articles.

Looking at the other articles published by Dailynews-tv, it seemed like they are not averse to posting fake articles. They published hoaxes such as US begging PH by offering visa free entry to Filipinos after Duterte’s threat of driving American troops, Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay confirming visa-free travel for Filipinos to the UK, and Kenya’s former president Mwai Kibakite being confirmed dead, when he’s still alive.

Dailynews-tv’s tendency to share fake news makes us doubt just how true its other articles are. But one thing for sure is that Queen Elizabeth did not invite Duterte to a state banquet and so far, the Philippine president has not scheduled any visit to the UK. What’s confirmed, though, is his state visit to Malaysia from November 9 to 10, with his main goal being to discuss the piracy problem in the Malacca Strait with Malaysia and Indonesia.

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