Busted: Joma Sison’s wife to help De Lima get released from jail? Fake news!

Netizens bashed Senator Leila De Lima and the Communist Party of the Philippines when an article came out floating the possibility that the senator has found yet another person who is working for her release from prison in the person of a distant relative and the wife of the CPP founder Joma Sison, Julieta De Lima Sison.
A certain Angel Cuala shared a link to an article from to the Facebook group “Team Duterte!”

Joma Sisons wife help De Lima

But when we read the article, it simply narrated an old ABS-CBN article about how Senator De Lima simply shrugged off her being a distant relative to Sison’s wife and said that that she never denied it. She added that their being relatives did not hinder her job to being the chair of the Commission of Human Rights then.

We’ve also written a busted article about it when false memes surfaced online claiming that Julieta is De Lima’s sister.
Taho News then stated that rumors about Julieta trying to help De Lima are simply rumors.

The website also noted how former President Benigno Aquino III visited the senator on March 2 at the PNP Custodial Center, where she is being detained, with the visit lasting for two hours. This part is also true, as the event was covered by the media.

Unfortunately, several netizens have commented in a way that made it seem like they did believe that Sison’s wife is going to help De Lima, something which has remained to be an unfounded rumor.

Joma Sisons wife help De Lima
Joma Sisons wife help De Lima

Joma Sisons wife help De Lima

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