Read how people fact-checked Imee’s defense of “Ang liit-liit ko pa noon (Martial Law)”

In her interview on ANC’s Headstart with Karen Davila on November 10, Imee Marcos was asked whether her earlier talks about forgiveness and about her father being an erring human like everyone else. She said that she believed in asking for an apology “even if it’s not intentional; even if it was not policy.”

But one of the things that caught people’s attention was when she remarked, “Yung admission of guilt, unang-una ang liit-liit ko pa noon… paano ko ia-admit hindi ko naman alam?”


Facebook page “Ang Lagalag” was among the first ones to call out Imee’s lie by fact checking her response. They reminded Imee how she was born in 1955, making her 22 years old when Archimedes Trajano was killed by her military escorts. They also reminded her that she even got to serve as consultant for various TV networks from 1979 to 1986; and became an Assemblyman from Ilocos Norte from 1984 to 1986.


“Pinapaalala lang namin sayo Imee, 1955 nung ikaw ay ipinanganak..

Taong 1977 NOONG IPAPAPATAY MO SI A.TRAJANO.. sa edad na 22, me bahid na ng dugo ang mga kamay mo..

MULA 1979-1986, nakaupo kang consultant sa ABS-CBN, RPN 9 AT IBC 13, ang mga TV NETWORK NA INANGKIN ng iyong pamilya.

MULA June 30, 1984 HANGGANG 1986, rubber stamp ka na ni Apo, este Assemblyman ka ng Ilocos Norte..

26 anyos nung maglandi ka at mang-agaw ng asawa ng me asawa .. at bagama’t breast milk is best for babies, PINAPAALALA KO RIN SA YO NA NUNG PANAHON NG MARTIAL LAW, GInawa mong LBC ANG PHIL. AIRLINES bilang personal courier na TAGAHATID NG GATAS MO sa iyong anak kapag IKAW AY NAGBABAKASYON SA LONDON.. tindi ng mga entitlements ng pagiging anak ni Apo huh?!


#NeverAgain #NeverForget
#History #MarcosRevisionism


“Ang Lagalag” even posted a collage of Imee and Trajano, along with these words further proving that Imee was no longer a little girl when the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos placed the Philippines under martial rule for 9 years.

Imee Marcos:

Born November 12, 1995

Founding Chair of the Kabataang Barangay Foundation (1975-1986)

Director-general of Experimental Cinema of the Philippines from 1981 to 1986

Special consultant to the chairman of the board of ABS-CBN, RPN 9 and IBC 13

From 1979 to 1986, she was consultant to the minister of the National Media Production Center

Assemblyman from Ilocos Norte from June 30, 1984, up to March 25 1986

The photo also contained details about how the elder Marcos was able to accumulate stolen wealth that made it possible for his children to go to school in the US and England.

It noted how Imee was among those names mentioned in the Offshore Leaks – Panama Papers, along with her three sons.


Imee repeated the line of reasoning she used in ANC’s Headstart when asked once more about Martial Law and the protests that are being staged to oppose the Supreme Court’s 9-5 decision, allowing a Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

“Kami ay nag-aaral pa noon at mga bata pa. Bakit nga ba hindi natin tanungin ang dating Philippine Constabulary Chief Fidel Ramos tungkol sa mga pag-aaresto at mga pang-aabuso diumano,” Imee said in her Facebook post on November 14.

Veteran journalist Raissa Robles also weighed in on the fact checking of Imee’s “ang liit-liit ko pa noon” remark. Robles also authored Never Again, a book that details the years of Martial Law under Marcos.

In her article “Dear Imee Marcos, you knew about the torture and political detainees during your father’s dictatorship,” Robles wanted to “jog” Imee’s memory.

Robles started off with how Imee and her father knew about the human rights abuses in the Philippines, as per what the-then presidential daughter told the New York Times reporter. Imee was quoted saying, “It is not easy to fire all these people.”

Robles also recalled how Imee was aware that there were political detainees during Marcos’ time and how she even tried to help them.

One of Robles’ readers even created a graphic showing what the journalist presented as proof that Imee was already a grown woman during Martial Law, based on the NY Times article “Around the World; Marcos Daughter Calls The Palace a ‘Snake Pit.’”

Imees Defense Noon Martial Law

You can read more about Robles debunking Imee’s defense of being “too young” during Martial law by following the link in her Facebook post below.


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