Busted: Trump DID NOT warn Filipinos it’ll take them 50 years to get another Duterte! This is FAKE!

President Rodrigo Duterte made a congratulatory call to US President-elect Donald Trump on December 2, but it seemed like some people wanted to paint an even better and deeper relationship between the two leaders. An article has been circulating on Facebook, shared by Duterte and Marcos fan pages, claiming that Trump warned the Filipinos that it will take them five decades to find another Duterte.

The articles shared by Facebook pages Kilusang Bagong Lipunan and Duterte News Media alone got over 3,000 shares. They were picked up by sites and, although the original source is the latter.

Trump Get Another Duterte
Trump Get Another Duterte

According to the article, Trump allegedly told Filipinos that they will spend 50 years to get another “wise-man like Duterte.” The incoming US leader also reportedly asked the Liberal Party to prioritize the Filipinos instead of their self-interests.

He was also quoted in the article saying, “All selfish leaders and who believes can do better than Duterte should be told openly that Duterte is the only man who will take Filipinos from grass to grace, they purport to be good leaders when they are unable to manage their husbands at home.”


And yet another statement attributed to him went like this: “It will take Philippines five decades to get someone who is intelligent, passionate, a hard-worker and firm like President Duterte, lose Duterte and regret for fifty years.”

The article also noted how recent news reports had some LP members asking Duterte to resign.

However, there is nothing true about these claims made by the website (not to be confused with Fox News Channel). Trump did not address the Filipinos and warn them about just how rare Duterte is as a leader and he did not mention anything about LP as well. No, he did not say such statements during any of his interviews.

That note about the LP members wanting to resign. LP has even denied any ouster plot against President Duterte, despite the President’s accusation against their party about planning to remove him from his position.

“Yung mga Yellow diyan, nagdedemonstrate kayo… You want me out because you cannot accept defeat,” Duterte remarked.

“Pulitika ito eh. They wanted me out, syempre yung Vice President – kayo, you had your chance,” he added.

LP President Senator Kiko Pangilinan said that the bulk of his party members have jumped ship to other parties aligned with the administration.

Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin Drilon said that these allegations are not true. He said they respect the people’s mandate, although he said that they are still going to oppose some of Duterte’s positions if they don’t agree with them.


LP spokesman Barry Gutierrez also said that the party will not support any call for an unconstitutional ouster of Duterte.

To be clear, Trump did not say anything to the Filipinos about Duterte being a rare leader that they might regret losing. He did not make statements about LP, too. These are all fictional claims from the fake news site If you see news from this site, verify them first if you don’t want to fall victim to fictional stories disguising as fake news.

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