Busted: VP Leni DID NOT criticize the food offered by Duterte’s Kitchen! It’s all made up!

Vice President Leni Robredo is yet again under fire in social media after allegedly claiming that the even though “Duterte’s Kitchen” was a great initiative, the food in itself was not that satisfactory.

It says that Vice President Robredo made the claim during an interview when the media asked her what her comment was about “Duterte’s Kitchen.”


According to the articles, VP Robredo allegedly said, “I really admire the dedication of the President to stop the extensively proliferation of the hunger of the poor. But I suggest that if you really want to help, make your food passed by your own taste.”

The articles have been shared around a few thousand times on Facebook after it was shared by Duterte fan pages President Duterte –Federal Movement International, President Rodrigo “Rody” Roa Duterte Supporters, and Duterte Media.

 VP Leni Criticize Duterte Kitchen
 VP Leni Criticize Duterte Kitchen[/50_50_second]

However, it can be proven that this alleged statement from Robredo can only be found in fake news articles. That there is no credible news site that can prove this statement to be coming from the Vice President herself.

As of writing, the original post from has already been deleted but similar articles can still be found from other fake news sites. What makes this news even more questionable is the original article was posted by Some of the articles of this site has already been busted and proven to be fake, such as the news of Senator Leila De Lima filing a bill that will give senators immunity from legal cases, Archbishop Soc Villegas asking Duterte to resign, De Lima having an abortion, and more.


According to reports, Duterte’s Kitchen serves free rice porridge (lugaw) and champorado (chocolate rice porridge for breakfast, rice meal with chicken, fish or pork adobo for lunch or dinner, depending on the food donated to the kitchen. And no, Robredo did not criticize the food or the cause of the establishment for the benefit of hungry street children.

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