Busted: De Lima DID not say she is going to be the next Miriam Defensor Santiago

Duterte fan page “President Duterte Supporters Worldwide” shared an article claiming that Senator Leila De Lima said that the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is proud of her.

The article posed a question – “Senator De Lima The Next Miriam Santiago?” It also urged netizens to share it if they disagree.

De Lima Next Miriam Defensor Santiago

The article from actually contains a Youtube that is 18 minutes and 20-second long. We listened and watch the whole video, but it is mostly about Duterte supporter, a certain Maharlika, slamming De Lima for pulling off a school tour, accusing her of imitating what the late Senator Santiago did. It also contains clips of Santiago’s funny lines during a speech, her interpellation questions fired at De Lima during a Mamasapano hearing, clips of De Lima asking SPO3 Arthur Lascanas questions during a Senate hearing, and Maharlika slamming and dissecting the House probe into the proliferation of drug trade in Bilibid, which is linked to De Lima.

De Lima Next Miriam Defensor Santiago

Aside from the video, there is also a statement that was attributed to De Lima that said: “Senator Miriam is very proud of me. I am fighting a dictator President. And the whole Filipino is with me. I am doing this for the Filipino.”

However, we tried searching for other sources that quoted De Lima uttering this statement and could not find any except pinoyspeak and the other Duterte and Marcos fan pages that shared the article, which turned out to be fake.

De Lima was also not heard uttering the said statement in the YouTube video.


De Lima’s statement saying that Santiago is proud of her for fighting Duterte is fake!

In fact, De Lima once said the opposite of that when she noted that “there is only one Miriam Santiago.”

An Inquirer report said that during her keynote speech in the Philippines Judges Association on October 15, 2015, De Lima said that no one can replace Santiago, who was about to be inducted to PJA’s hall of fame then.

“I was often asked if I will replace Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago in the Senate. I say she cannot be replaced. There is only one Miriam Santiago,” De Lima said.

De Lima also expressed her admiration of Santiago for being a model of a fearless woman.

“Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago is the model of fearless women. She started tradition of fearless women when she ate ‘death threats for breakfast,’” De Lima added.

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