Busted: Trump said he only engages serious people like Duterte? Fake news site made this up

One proud Duterte supporter spread the good news about how US President-elect Donald Trump praised Duterte by sharing an article claiming that Trump said he only engages serious people like Duterte and Russian President Vladmir Putin, but not “cockroaches.” The supporter shared that article to Facebook page “Sara Duterte Solid Supporters.”

Trump Only Engages Serious People Duterte

The article daringly included a statement from Trump.

“I heard one of these biased media houses saying that I’m behaving like President Rodrigo Duterte and Putin, i want to tell them that i’ll make America great again with advices from President Duterte and Putin, we are the world big three, i can only engage serious and competent people like Duterte and Putin not cockroaches like Hillary Clinton who compromised them (media) to favor her doomed campaigns.”


We printed that statement, with it’s small I’s and the lack of proper punctuation marks, as it was printed in the article.

The article also noted that Trump was elected on November 4 and added that he said Duterte and Putin are his close friends.

This is not true, of course, since Trump was elected on November 9.

As to Trump declaring he is Duterte’s close friend, the story got it wrong as it was Duterte who said that he wanted to be friends with Trump and Putin, not the other way around.


Moreover, the article came from fake news site, which we’ve busted several times already. The site made up stories about civic leader Loida Nicolas Lewis being suspended for three months from the US, Putin slamming the Liberal Party, and Trump saying the first daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte can make a good senator, among others.

Trump Only Engages Serious People Duterte

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