Busted: News about Trump banning Loida Nicolas-Lewis for 3 months from US is FAKE!

Facebook pages “Kilusang Bagong Lipunan” and “President Duterte Supporters Worldwide” have been sharing news that Loida Nicolas-Lewis has been suspended from the US for three months.

Trump Banning Loida Nicolas Lewis
Trump Banning Loida Nicolas Lewis

The article, posted by websites and, said that US President-elect Donald Trump wrote a letter in the morning of Sunday to the Office of the Secretary of the State, John Kerry, for the suspension of Fil-Am community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis from entering the US.

According to the article, Kerry confirmed in a speech on Sunday evening that he has received a letter from Trump banning Loida for three months from America due to her recent remarks.


Trump allegedly found the remarks damaging to the face of the Philippines, which led him to write in the letter: “…Please consider suspending the Fil-Am community leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis for her continue disrespect to the Philippines President Mr. Rodrigo Duterte…”

Moreover, Trump was also quoted to have said that Lewis protected drug-lords in the Philippines by calling Duterte a ‘murderer’. The letter read: “…Loida cannot protect drug-lords which Duterte is tirelessly fighting and expect us massage her ego, she should know people…”

The article claims that Filipinos in the US are against their leader Loida as they claim that President Duterte is “incomparable and unmatched” and that lest Loida stops in her criticisms of Duterte, they will disown her.

Rodel Ugma, a Filipino Student Leader in New York City, was quoted: “As far as we respect Loida, we do not want an embarrassment here in America, we should be united and President Duterte is our unifying factor, she should stop criticizing Duterte, let her provide solution to prove us that she is not a drug protector, we are beginning to know her true colours and very soon she will be disowned.”

Upon closer inspection, however, any statements quoted in this article cannot be linked to other reliable sources, news articles or videos to serve as further evidence.

And the article was actually sourced from fake news site

Trump Banning Loida Nicolas Lewis

The T1mes accepts freelance submissions on full stories or headlines, the validity of which are difficult to verify. It has also posted several fake articles that Meme Buster has busted, such as stories about Queen Elizabeth hinting that US President Barack Obama is scared of Duterte, Hillary Clinton commenting on Senator Leila De Lima’s alleged involvement with drugs, De Lima buying a New York mansion, Chinese president Xi Jinping calling Duterte a genius, and more.


It seems that fake news sites have developed a fondness towards projecting Trump as Duterte’s friend since this is not the first fake article we’ve busted about the two leaders. We also busted that fake story about Trump allegedly warning Filipinos that it will take them 50 years to find another Duterte as well as the one about him warning Lewis for disrespecting Duterte.

The bottom line? You can’t trust thet1mes. Look for more credible sources of news stories.

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