Busted: Did Hillary Clinton comment on De Lima being a drug trafficker? HOAX!

An article about US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supposedly commenting on Senator Leila de Lima and her issue related to drugs. It was shared by Duterte and Marcos fan pages on Facebook.

Hillary Clinton on De Lima[/50_50_second]

Hillary Clinton on De Lima

According to the article, Clinton cited de Lima as one of the most corrupt women in the world. She was even quoted saying: “You see women like Sen. De Lima of Philippines, she the most corrupt and noisy woman in the world, noisy but doing nothing, Ladies and gentlemen, saying de Lima is not corrupt or a drug trafficker is like claiming a pregnant woman in a maternity ward is a virgin, walking lie.”

Yup, Clinton supposedly uttered the almost incomprehensible statement above, complete with all its errors.

The article, posted by, a blog with fake article that we’ve busted before, was actually obtained from

If you’ve been visiting Meme Buster, you’d be familiar with, which is a satire site.

Hillary Clinton on De Lima

We’ve busted several articles from, which were passed off as real news by some Facebook pages, mostly Duterte fan pages. These fake articles include Queen Elizabeth II congratulating the Philippine Senate for ousting de Lima from her chairmanship and erecting a statue for Duterte as an apology, East African presidents wanting to meet Duterte, and African presidents calling Duterte a “hero.”

Hillary’s supposed comment on de Lima and drugs is totally fake! Moreover, Clinton is quite occupied with her campaign, fighting her own battle against Donald Trump.

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