Busted: Erap gave Robredo a rating of 2/10 in her first 100 days as VP? Fake story alert!

Did former President Erap Estrada give a failing grade for Vice President Leni Robredo’s first 100 days in office?

Facebook pages Showbiz Government and Kilusang Bagong Lipunan taunted Robredo for getting a mere 2 out of 10 rating from Estrada during her first three months in position.

Erap Gave Robredo a Rating

Erap Gave Robredo a Rating

The articles claimed that Estrada praised President Rodrigo Duterte and his accomplishments within his first 100 days, adding that the current leader did something that no Philippine leader has ever done before. But Estrada is less appreciate of Robredo’s efforts.

The articles quoted the former president: “E wala pa naman siyang nagagawa eh. Yong paikot-ikot nya sa Pilipinas dahil sa kanyang mga adbokasya wala pa akong nakikitang resulta, at wala akong nakikitang magandang resulta.”

Estrada supposedly said this of Robredo: “Puro plano, walang aksyon,” and gave her 2out of 10 rating, adding that for him, the VP gets a failing grade.


“I think I have my time to rate now since former President Fidel Ramos has already given his rating to Digong and I respect that. Pero kung ako tatanungin ninyo tungkol kay Leni, I could say, I will give her 2 out of 10. Bagsak sya sa akin,” Estrada said.

The Duterte and Marcos fan pages shared articles from and Tracing their source, we were led to, which cited its source as

Okd2 is not the most credible source, knowing that its “About” page said that 80% of its content comes from its contributors and that in “very rare cases,” the site may post “some fiction” to entertain its readers.

We also tried Googl-ing the quotes that the article attributed to Estrada but we came up with nothing from credible news sites.

We searched for recent articles about Estrada and Robredo and found nothing as well.

So, Estrada rating Robredo with a 2/10 could be the fiction that Okd2 created during “very rare cases.” It could easily be fake!

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