Busted: Did Yasay confirm visa-free travel to UK for Filipinos? No, it’s satire!

In our hunt for satire sites, we found an article about Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay supposedly confirming that Filipinos can now travel to the United Kingdom without a visa. And the article was even shared by Facebook fan page “Rodrigo Duterte Support Page by Dr. Eli Alegado FRCPC, FACP. The Duterte fan page even captioned it “Thank you United Kingdom and Thank you, Secretary Yasay.”
Yasay Confirm Visa Free Travel

As of posting, it has received 1,700 shares and almost 3,000 reactions. Comments were mostly overjoyed over this piece of news, but others were skeptical, asking just how reliable the article is. Some even said that this is a hoax.

We clicked on the article to find out more about this news. This new visa policy from the UK was said to have been announced by the new British Prime Minister Theresa May. Aside from the Philippines, the UK supposedly granted visa-free travels to those who live in Rwanda and South Africa.


The visa-free travel is reportedly available to the Filipinos for three to six months. However, those who overstay in the UK will be punished with a two-year travel ban.

The article was published by We checked the site’s “About Us” page and it turned out to be an online satirical blog. The site’s mission is “to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence.”Yasay Confirm Visa Free Travel

We’d have rejoiced over this piece of news if this were true. Unfortunately, it’s not!

One of the commenters asked the admin of the page what he is trying to get out of posting this hoax.Yasay Confirm Visa Free Travel


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