Busted: Queen Elizabeth II hinted that Obama is scared of Duterte? Nope, it’s satire!

Duterte and Marcos Facebook fan pages are spreading an article claiming that Queen Elizabeth hinted that US President Barack Obama is afraid of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Obama is Scared of Duterte
Obama is Scared of Duterte

The articles published by blogs like,,, and claimed that Obama is probably about to support Duterte’s ongoing war against drugs in his country.

There was even a quote attributed to the British monarch, saying: “To my understanding my brother Obama may have fears that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is doing exactly what his people wanted, I do not see anything bad with Obama calling Senator de Lima ‘abnormal.’”


According to the articles, the queen made the statement during an interview with, which, upon checking, is another source of fake news.

A quick check at the source, thetimes, which was written in a small font size at the end of the article, led us to the satire site

Even the statement within the queen’s quote, about Obama calling Senator Leila de Lima “abnormal” is a fake article, which we already busted.

So, there you have it. This is a fake article! If you see articles from the blogs mentioned above, make sure to verify the content first before sharing or reacting to them.  These blogs have shared several fake articles from several suspicious sources and satire sites, so do your homework and research first before sharing their articles. Or better yet, look for more credible sources.

Be Informed. Beat the Trolls, Share the Truth!


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