Busted: Did Chinese president call Duterte a ‘genius’? It’s just SATIRE though!

The Philippine-China relations seem to be getting stronger due to President Rodrigo Duterte’s desire to improve the relationship between the two Asian countries after the rift over the maritime dispute. Now, Duterte fan pages are sharing an article claiming that Chinese leader Xi Jinping even called Duterte a “genius.”

One fan page even called out Senator Franklin Drilon and mocked him as a “patabaing barako” in the Senate, all the while telling the senator how Duterte was deemed by Xi as a “genius.”

Chinese President call Duterte Genius[/50_50_first][50_50_second]
Chinese President call Duterte Genius[/50_50_second]

According to the articles posted by dutertedailynews and newstrend, which are exact copies of each other, Xi caught the media’s attention on October 20 when he said that Duterte is a “God sent and genius.”

There was even a quote attributed to Xi, which said: “I have no regrets at all, I’m happy to work with a God sent and Genius people like my brother Duterte, we are not going to surrender.” He supposedly added that Duterte is “full of brilliant ideas” and that he and the Philippine president will work together for the success of their countries and the Filipinos. Xi was also said to have congratulated the Filipinos for “voting a genius.”

We tried to verify the article through Google and this is what we found.

Chinese President call Duterte Genius

Yes, the first article in the search engine results is from thet1mes. This is a satire site, which meant that everything in the article was made up, fake. So, no, Xi did not call Duterte a “genius.” Unfortunately, based on the comments below the fake article, many of his supporters fell for this hoax.

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