Busted: Trump seeks Duterte’s advice to peacefully deal with China? It’s a made-up story!

Facebook user Luwalhati Payas Malan shared a link to an Okd2 article to the Facebook group “DDS/Diehard Duterte Supporters” about recent news of US President-elect Donald Trump allegedly wanting to seek advice from President Rodrigo Duterte.

Trump Seeks Dutertes Advice

The Facebook post was posted along with the caption “Pag hindi ka pa ba naman maging proud sa ating pangulo, ewan ko lang. Pangulong Duterte, nakatakdang mamagitan sa usaping pangkapayapaan ng US at China.”

Upon checking the OKD2 article, it was written that President Trump allegedly wants to seek formal advice from President Duterte on how to deal with China without the use of military force.

According to the article, the announcement was made by Trump’s spokesperson last December 14. The reason behind choosing Duterte to mediate between China and the US was because of his closeness to both countries.

However, after looking for evidences of the truth behind this news, we found out that there had been no official news coming from credible news sites about this particular statement from Trump’s camp.


Moveover, Okd2 mentioned in the article that Trump’s spokesperson and incoming President Secretary was Nathan Gallagher but we found out that Trump doesn’t have a spokesperson who goes by that name. Also, Trump had announced recently that his pick for the White House Press Secretary position is Sean Spicer.

Okd2 ended the article by an alleged quote by Nathan Gallagher saying, “The world needs peace and not war, and that is what President-elect Trump want to accomplish.”

This is not the first time that we have busted articles published by Okd2. Here are some of Okd2’s fake articles that we’ve busted:


Okd2’s About section has a disclaimer that the website “may publish fiction to entertain our readers” and with this recent article, we think that this is just another made up story. But in this case, it does not serve as an entertainment, but as a misleading information to the Filipinos.

There was also another fake story about Trump sending his private jet to get Duterte and ask for his advice. We busted it, too!

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