Busted: Hontiveros seeks to increase salaries of rallyists and protesters? Not true at all! 

Is Senator Risa Hontiveros proposing a bill to increase the salaries of employed rallyists and protesters?

That is what an article shared by several Duterte and Marcos fan pages on Facebook has claimed.

[50_50_first]Hontiveros Increase Salaries for Rallyists[/50_50_first][50_50_second]Hontiveros Increase Salaries for Rallyists[/50_50_second]

[50_50_first]Hontiveros Increase Salaries for Rallyists[/50_50_first][50_50_second]Hontiveros Increase Salaries for Rallyists[/50_50_second]

Facebook page Showbiz Government even accused the senator of being high on drugs, while the other fan pages mocked why Hontiveros would condone protesters who want to make a living out of rallying in the streets.

While the article was picked up by the blog Du30newsinfo, which Meme Buster has earlier tagged for sharing fake and satire news, the article seemed to have originated from OKD2. We also noted OKD2 for sharing fake news, knowing that its disclaimer said: “In very rare cases, may publish some fiction to entertain our readers.” This meant that it’s up to the readers then to decipher whether what Okd2 is sharing is true or not.


According to the Okd2 article on Hontiveros’ bill, the senator is proposing to help rallyists and protesters “make more money,” adding that these people are often neglected despite their role in fighting for justice. Hontiveros supposedly wanted to exempt activists from paying taxes and other government contributions.

Okd2 even quoted Hontiveros. “Gusto ko lang na mabigyan naman ng gobyerno ng pansin ang mga kapatid nating patuloy na lumalaban sa mga katiwalian at patuloy lumalaban para sa hustisya.”

The article also claimed that Hontiveros is planning on giving 70% of her salary to activists, noting that the senator earlier claimed to be a part of the group “when she was just six years old.”

“For now, the standard pay for each protester per day is P500. I want to make it P1,000 per rally and P5,000 for the organizers – all should be tax free,” Hontiveros was quoted by Okd2.

However, the senator denied proposing any bill for the improved salary of protesters.

In her official Facebook page, she posted her statement on October 21 regarding the issue, along with screenshots of the pages sharing the fake story about her supposed bill.

“I’m becoming a favorite of lie-peddling Facebook posts. Mag-google lang, bes,” Hontiveros said.

“Sahod po ng mga public health workers ang gusto ko itaas, hindi salary ng mga rallyista,” Hontiveros added.


In a separate Facebook post, Hontiveros clarified what her bill was all about.

“I am pushing for the full implementation and strengthening of the Magna Carta for Public Health Workers (RA 7305), particularly on its expressed provisions on compensation and other benefits. It is high time to upgrade nurses’ pay scale,” Hontiveros said during the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) National Convention.


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