Busted: Putin did not welcome Duterte to Russia! It’s a fake story!

Has Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin finally heard Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s favorable remarks about him? Just recently, Duterte said that after China, he would go to Russia next, adding that it would be China, Russia and the Philippines against the world. Duterte also said earlier that Putin is his favorite, after he was asked to choose between US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

A few days ago, several Facebook fan pages shared articles claiming that Putin has welcomed Duterte to Russia after the Philippine president agitated the US with his remarks.

Putin Welcome Duterte to Russia

Putin Welcome Duterte to Russia

Putin Welcome Duterte to Russia

The articles shared by these pages were published by Favradio, Duterte Daily News, and BBC-Channel. It turned out that the source of the article is actually BBC-Channel, which is not related to the British Broadcasting Corporation.

According to the BBC-Channel article, Putin praised Duterte over his remarks in China. The article even attributed this quote to Putin: “I’m sure the so called super power is unhappy with my brother Duterte, they do not want us united and independent. I want to tell Duterte that this is the high time Philippines, China and Russia joined hands to defend our land, we cannot allow neocolonialism in our countries.”


Putin supposedly added: “I’m in support of Duterte’s statement in China and i will support him till the end.”

However, we could not verify Putin’s supposed statements as these were not cited by other sources. We also could not find any other news articles about Putin himself acknowledging Duterte’s desire to ally with Russia. We only found the statement from the Russian envoy to Manila, Ambassador Igor Khovaev, telling GMA News Online that Russia is ready to assist the Philippines.

Moreover, we found several fake articles on BBC-Channel, which claimed to be “Your No. 1 Channel.”

Some of these fake and satirical articles include Duterte having the biggest social media following, African presidents calling Duterte a “hero,” and former President Fidel Ramos dying in Germany, which is an obvious death hoax.

Whenever you stumble upon articles from BBC-Channel, make sure to verify its claims with a few other sources first before believing in it. Their story about Putin welcoming Duterte to Russia is certainly fake.

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