Duterte says it’s China, PH, Russia against the world

After officially announcing the military and economic separation with the United States in a speech delivered in the Philippines-China Trade and Investment Forum, President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his interest in meeting up with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to form closer relations with Russia.

“I realign myself in your ideological flow and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin. There are three of us against the world. China, Philippines. Russia,” the President said in front of Chinese government officials and business men who attended the event.


Duterte had already released numerous hostile remarks addressed to the Western superpower, which seems to be rooted in the criticisms that he received from the United States because of the rising death toll in his ongoing war against drugs in the Philippines.

The President expressed beforehand his desire to further develop the country’s economic ties with China and Russia. Certain steps towards this goal had already been taken including the $13.5-billion deal that is said to be signed in his current state visit to Beijing, according to trade secretary Ramon Lopez.

President Duterte also said that he is open to holding war games with his two favored countries soon after he declared the end of joint military exercises with the US.

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