Busted: Dugong Maharlika insists African presidents calling Duterte a ‘hero’ is REAL news but it’s really not!

Facebook page Dugong Maharlika is fully convinced that African presidents called President Rodrigo Duterte is a “hero.” The page even mocked the “yellow worshipper,” adding that those who are still supporting the past administration are likely crying now.

“Paniguradong iiyak na naman ng dugo ang mga yellow worshippers,” said the page in its caption for an article it shared, entitled “Africa Presidents Magufuli, Mugabe Praise Duterte, say he is a ‘hero.’African Presidents Calling Duterte Hero

But we already busted this article. Tanzania’s President John Magufuli and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe did not call Duterte a “hero.” The article shared by a website called (not related to the British Broadcasting Company or BBC, is an exact copy of the satirical article originally shared by The T1mes. We even busted it after it was shared by Peter Tiu Laviña, President Duterte’s campaign spokesperson.

Duterte’s supporters truly believed in the article based on their comments.African Presidents Calling Duterte Hero

What’s even more alarming is that Dugong Maharlika’s admin is firm in its belief that the article it shared is not satire.

“Para malaman niyo kung totoo ang isang ‘foreign website,’ dapat ay hindi nacocopy ang paste ang content ng article. I-check nyo yan! I-check mo muna bago kayo pumutak na ‘satire’ raw. Mga utak tae umiyak na naman ng tae,” the admin wrote in its post’s comments section.

African Presidents Calling Duterte Hero

While it’s true that the blog’s article cannot be copied or right-clicked because it is “content protected,” this is not enough proof that its claims are true, as Dugong Maharlika insisted. The fact alone that the article was lifted from a satirical article meant that it should not be taken seriously.


Moreover, we noticed how unreliable BBC-Channel is for sharing a few other fake and satirical articles. It shared a satire from The T1mes entitled “Rodrigo Duterte Leads The World With the Biggest Following On Social Media.” It also shared fake articles about US President Barack Obama claiming to have said that he is in on the plan of rigging the US elections this November and supposedly saying that with Duterte, the Philippines will overtake America.

If the Dugong Maharlika’s admin wants serious fact-checking, there are many search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) available to verify just how true an article’s claims are.

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