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Busted: Aika Robredo arrested on drug charge in the US? Fake news alert!

An online report has surfaced claiming that Vice President Leni Robredo’s daughter, Aika, was arrested for drugs possession in the United States. Aika is currently in the US to pursue hera Masters Degree program at Harvard.
According to the online report from, Aika, was arrested after being caught with a ‘drug baron,’ a certain James Scott, in Massachusetts. The report claimed that the police officers “smelled an odour of Cocaine emitting from inside the vehicle.” When they searched the car, they found a small amount of the substance, which was later tasted and proven to be cocaine. Aika and James Scott were found to have 1.2 kg of cocaine in their possession. The details of the arrest were said to have been announced via a press release.

Based on Facebook search results, the article has been shared over 8,000 times.

As we looked through the other articles published on, we found some fake articles, such as Filipina actress Agot Isidro being investigated after being proven to be dating drug lords, US President Donald Trump telling French President Emmanuel Macron to imitate President Rodrigo Duterte, Senator Manny Pacquiao resigning. We also found how there was a fake article earlier about Trump sending 5000 troops to help the Philippines fight the bandit Abu Sayyaf.

Several hoax-busting sites also identified as a fake news site. These include to write about how is a part of a network of hoax sites, along with,,, and more. also wrote how tries to imitate Fox News, but actually has no links to the cable news network. They acknowledge how the fake news site fools readers by including legitimate news articles in its site, inserting in some fake articles for readers who are not extra vigilant in researching the veracity of the articles’ claims.

This story about Aika Robredo being arrested for drug possession in the US is not true. It’s a hoax from a website that carried a mix of fake articles and legitimate ones to hide the fact that it is a fake news site.

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