Netizens slam Sass Sasot for taking issue with how Robredo helped eldest daughter settle in Harvard

Netizens reacted to pro-Duterte blogger and scholar Sass Rogando Sasot when she took issue with how Vice President Leni Robredo helped her daughter Aika get settled in as a graduate student in Harvard University.

In a tweet on June 21, Sasot slammed Robredo for helping her eldest daughter even when she is already 29 years old.
“Aika is 29 yo. Bakit kailangan niya ng help to settle down sa Harvard? Ano siya kaka-18 lang? Para-paraan si Leni!” Sasot tweeted.

Sass Sasot

However, some netizens have shot back at Sasot for bashing Robredo when she was simply performing her duty as a mother and that being a mother does not end even when your child is all grown up.

One of Robredo’s supporters, writer Irish Christianne Dizon, worded it simply in her Facebook post on June 22: “Kasi hindi natatapos ang pagiging nanay.”
“Some Duterte supporters are questioning Leni Robredo‘s presence in Harvard to help her daughter Aika settle in. 29 years old na daw si Aika, hindi mag i-18. Bakit daw nandun pa si VP Leni,” Dizon wrote.

“The simple and honest answer is: Kasi hindi natatapos ang pagiging nanay,” she added.

She then give herself and her experience with her mom as an example.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, my mother is taking her grown-up daughter shopping tonight dahil may ganap ako bukas. And you can’t stop her from mothering her child the way her love sees fit,” Dizon said.

Facebook page Ignore Rants also offered their opinion on the issue, saying that Robredo just did what any “elated” mom does who wants to “show their appreciation.” They also hit Sasot for “politicizing” what was a “beautiful, motherly moment.”

Here’s what they wrote:

“When I was a young boy, my mom and my lola would always come with me during recognition days. High school and college graduation were the same thing. I could see the happiness in their eyes when my sister and I get recognized for our academic achievements.

I guess that’s just how moms are. They sacrifice things to make you live a better life. And when they see fruits of that sacrifice in the form of good grades, a good job, or even acceptance in prestigious universities, they are elated. They want to show you their appreciation.

It’s sad that this beautiful, motherly moment is politicized by Sass just because she is against Leni. It’s even sadder that we all know that Sass is an achiever, that she was accepted with a scholarship in another prestigious university.

It makes me wonder, did she have the same mother-daughter moment back then when she got accepted? Is it the lack of it that turned her this way?


Sasot’s post came after Robredo took to Facebook to narrate how she spent her days in the US, which included helping Aika “settle in” tat her apartment inside the Harvard campus. As she said, she was a “full-time mother once again” and spent some of her time visiting the campus and the spots she and her late husband, former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, used to visit 19 years ago.


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