Duterte declared days of nat’l mourning for Marawi but Palace released it 4 days late

President Rodrigo Duterte proclaimed June 13 to 16 as days of national mourning, but the document was released by Malacañang on June 20, four days late.
The President signed Proclamation No. 232 on June 13, declaring “days of national mourning” that would have required government offices, military posts, and public and private schools to fly the Philippine flag at half-mast.

However, the Palace only released the document on June 20. A few days before, Duterte was not seen in public from June 12 to 16 and started attending public engagements again on June 17.

The proclamation read: “These deaths constitute a great tragedy to our nation, and during this time of grief, a most solemn and respectful commemoration of the heroic acts of our soldiers and law enforcers are called for.”

Even without the President’s proclamation, many government offices flew the Philippine flag at half-mast on June 12 and the government commemorated the heroes of Marawi – cops and soldiers alike – through a noontime salute. TV channels flashed the names and photos of 58 cops and soldiers and radio stations read out their names on Independence Day.

Netizens were divided in their reactions to the news, based on the comments section of Rappler’s Facebook post.

One said there’s no need for a formal proclamation to grieve for fallen soldiers.

Some netizens also scored Rappler for reporting about the late release of the proclamation.

However, there were also netizens who hit the Palace.

One said, “ Pwede namang palitan ang date – pero nilabas pa din na sobrang late. #Antatalino #TheBestAndTheBrightestMyAss”

Another said the Palace staff could have taken their rest days with Duterte, too.

Yet another one noted the Palace’s “efficiency.”

While for the other, “it’s the thought that counts.”

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