Busted: Were Santiago’s last words to Duterte ‘don’t trust Robredo’? BASELESS CLAIM!

An article shared by Facebook page “Dugong Maharlika” claimed that the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago told President Rodrigo Duterte her last words – “don’t trust Robredo.”

Santiagos Last Words to Duterte

The article from OKD2 claimed that Duterte paid Santiago a visit at St. Luke’s a few days before her passing. Only Santiago’s aide/personal nurse was present in the hospital room to witness the hour-long discussion between the two, who mostly talked about how Duterte should handle his critics and the foreign media, the article said.

OKD2 even quoted Santiago’s aide/personal nurse, who supposedly said: “The only thing Mam Miriam said that was very clear to my ear until now is when she told the president not to trust Vice President Leni Robredo because she is his successor in case something happens to him, and she is being manipulated by Aquino and Roxas.”

According to OKD2, the nurse was also said to have heard Santiago telling Duterte this: “You should give Bongbong a cabinet position close to you because he knows everything and he can help you. He can always be by your side no matter what happens.”

The said nurse supposedly saw Duterte shaking his head and responding to Santiago with this: “Yes, I am just waiting for May next year because we know that Bongbong is still ineligible to have any cabinet position now.”

The article, posted on October 6, even said that former Senator Bongbong Marcos, Santiago’s running mate in the 2016 elections, has been “silent” after filing his election protest against Vice President Robredo last month. However, Marcos has recently made some noise after asking the Supreme Court, acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, to reject Robredo’s defense to his poll protest, according to a report by GMA News Online.


We tried to verify the truth behind OKD2’s claims so we looked for news coverage of Duterte visiting Santiago at St. Luke’s. Such a visit would have made waves among the traditional and online media. Knowing how popular Duterte is and how many people loved the DuRiam (Duterte-Miriam) love team during the election campaign, it would be extra hard to keep the President’s visit to Santiago a secret. Remember that everyone who has a phone with camera features can easily turn into a paparazzi or reporter simply by taking photos.

Moreover, the veracity of OKD2’s claims can be put to question based on its disclaimer. Below each article posted on the blog, you can see this disclaimer:

“Contributed articles does not reflect the view of This website cannot guarantee the legitimacy of some of the information contributed to us. You may do additional research if you find some information doubtful. No part of this article maybe reproduced without permission from this website.”

The fact that OKD2 “cannot guarantee the legitimacy” of the information it publishes means that the quotes attributed to Santiago’s “aide/personal nurse” and the rest of the information in the article above are also not guaranteed to be true. The article’s claims then are totally baseless. Those claims could easily be made up stories from someone’s creative imagination.

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