Busted: Kris Aquino supports son Josh’s bid as barangay councilor in preparation for the presidency? It’s fake!

Is Kris Aquino’s eldest son running for a position as a barangay councilor this 2016?

The article even claimed that Kris is supposedly supporting her son’s bid. And that article was shared by Duterte fan page “Hongkong OFW Solid for President Duterte.”

Joshs Bid as Barangay Councilor

According to the article, Josh is running as councilor in their Executive Village in Quezon City, adding that the Aquinos were repeatedly bashed because of this news. This was supposedly the Aquino’s response to the plans of Sandro Marcos, Bongbong Marcos’ son, to enter politics. The article even noted that the Aquinos and Marcoses have been long-time political rivals.

But this article was posted a few days after the blog wrote another article about Josh’s candidacy as barangay councilor in preparation for becoming president. The said article claimed that Josh is going to prepare for the presidency after he graduates from school and the Aquinos are behind these plans. It also said that if Josh wins as councilor, he will build a sports center and clinic for his constituents.


The articles were posted by a blog called Pak Ganern.

Josh is not running for any government position. You can’t find any other source posting about this supposed news.

The blog is just fond of making up stories and the Aquinos were not the first victims of its fake stories. But the followers of the Duterte fan page bought the article, with some of their followers even calling Josh and the Aquinos names because of this fake story.

Senator Risa Hontiveros was targeted by a Duterte fan page for the fake story about her filing a bill for color coding MRT and LRT commuters. And Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s dead baby was even dragged into another fake article by the blog that is making fun of the senator.

Joshs Bid as Barangay Councilor

Despite the questionable nature of the blog and its articles, the articles were still shared by Duterte and Marcos fan pages. They did so without verifying the articles’ content.

If you find any article from Pak Ganern, please be aware that you might be reading a fake article.

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