Busted: Blog, Marcos fan page used Trillanes’ dead baby’s name to make fun of the senator

Facebook fan page Kilusang Bagong Lipunan, bearing the Marcos’ family photo as its cover photo, shared an article about how Senator Antonio Trillanes son’s microphone was turned off in the middle of a flag ceremony. The page even mocked and laughed in its caption that was directed at Trillanes.

“Digital na talaga ang karma ngayon Trillanes ginama mo Cayetano ginawa din sa anak mo hahaha,” the Facebook page wrote.

Trillanes Dead Babys Name

The article claimed that Trillanes expressed his disappointment over an incident involving his son, Allan Andrew Trillanes, being bullied, when a classmate turned off his son’s microphone in the middle of singing the national anthem. The article added that the other classmates laughed at Allan Andrew while shouting “hindi ka namin papapormahin.”

This supposed bullying incident is similar to how Trillanes turned off Senator Alan Peter Cayetano’s mic during one of the sessions of the Senate hearing on extrajudicial killings linked to the drug war in the country.

The article also said that his son’s bully apologized, but Trillanes supposedly wanted the child to make a televised public apology after his son was traumatized by the incident.

This article that is openly mocking Trillanes was published by a blog called Pak Ganern.

We checked just how true the article’s claim is, even if the blog is already suspicious as it is, what with its posting of ludicrous articles.

We Googled “Allan Andrew Trillanes” and the first article that popped up in the search engine results was from Philippine Star, with a title “Anak ni Trillanes namatay.”


According to the Philippine Star’s report on April 8, 2004, then Lt. Senior Grade Antonio Trillanes IV was temporarily released from jail to visit his wife, Capt. Arlene Orejana-Trillanes, and their 21-day-old son, Allan Andrew. However, his six days of temporary freedom ended in misery when they learned that their son died of acquired pneumonia with primary complex. The baby was buried at the PMA chapel in Fort del Pilar in Baguio City.

As the trolls targeted Trillanes for opposing Duterte and Cayetano, they should have set some limits that they should never cross and one of those limits would be involving innocent children. In Trillanes’ case, it was his dead baby. They could have found many other ways to poke fun at Trillanes but it’s absolutely below the belt to involve his dead son’s name.

This is not the first fake article that the blog wrote, though. It also made up an article about Senator Risa Hontiveros filling a bill for color coding LRT and MRT passengers, which is absolutely not true!

And for the Marcos fan page, the blog’s name alone should have prompted the admins to verify its article before sharing it on their Facebook page. But no, as long as it’s about making fun of Trillanes, they’d share it over and over again. And the page even cited karma? We wonder just what kind of karma would befall on the people who use dead babies to mock and hit back at people. The same thing goes to those who believed in the article!

May you continue to rest in peace, baby Allan Andrew Trillanes.

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