Busted: NY Times journo who criticized war on drugs robbed by addicts in Pasay? It’s FAKE!

After New York Times’ article about the Philippines’ war on drugs, “They are slaughtering us like animals,” was published, a story about the article’s author, Daniel Berehulak, also started circulating on social media.

NY Times Journo Robbed by Addicts
NY Times Journo Robbed by Addicts

According to an article by, Daniel Berehulak had recently become a victim of robbery by two drug addicts. The alleged crime was reported by the website to have happened on Monday night, December 12, along Pasay Road.

The article claims that Berehulak was held at gun point by two men who were high on drugs and demanded him to hand his wallet, mobile phone, and camera to them.

However, is the only website that claims this story to be true. Other credible news sites have no recent report about a robbery incident in the Philippines involving the said photojournalist.

After this brief news about the alleged robbery, the Okd2 article goes on discussing about the current administration’s comments on Daniel Berehulak’s New York Times article where he exposed the ruthlessness of this war on drugs happening in the Philippines.


This part of the article is proven to be plagiarized from an Inquirer article that talks about the opinion of the Palace about the controversial article.

According to Andanar, Communications Secretary, the article was “totally one-sided as it depicts the Philippines as the Wild, Wild West in this part of the World.”

While the Okd2 article had this part right, it cannot be denied that it was plagiarized and the other contents of the report, particularly about the robbery involving Berehulak, was just another made-up story.

It is also important to take note of their disclaimer:

Connecting their disclaimer with their mission indicated in their ‘About’ page to publish “only the most interesting news stories” that the readers would love and be entertained about, it becomes questionable what they give more importance to; facts that not so many readers would “love” or a made-up story full of lies but would guarantee to entertain the readers?

Some websites do not care about facts as long as they get a reaction out of the netizens. Always be critical of what you read.


Moreover, Meme Buster has busted several articles from Okd2, such as the fake articles about Senator Risa Hontiveros filing a bill to increase rallyists’ salaries and her going on a hunger strike over Marcos burial, CBCP refusing to build a drug rehab center, and the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s alleged deathbed warning to President Rodrigo Duterte not to trust Vice President Leni Robredo, among others.

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