Busted: News about Bayan leader Renato Reyes caught playing video karera is FAKE!

BAYAN Secretary General Renato Reyes said that he, too, like many other personalities, especially in politics, has fallen victim to fake news.

Several fake news sites have targeted him and other activists, with the most recent fake story about him claiming that he was seen playing the illegal video karera and was almost caught during a raid. And the article from these sites are being shared on Facebook by pages such as “Duterte-Marcos Loyalist,” “Pres. Digong Duterte Solid Supporters,” and “Byaheng Duterte.”

Renato Reyes Playing Video Karera
Renato Reyes Playing Video Karera

Renato Reyes Playing Video Karera

A police asset for the Anti-Gambling Division of the Quezon City Police said that the police raid missed five people who regularly visit and play the video karera machines, including BAYAN leader Reyes. The asset claimed that Reyes played for 15 minutes, lost 1,000 pesos, but left 10 minutes before the raiding team arrived.

Police Senior Superintendent Guillermo Cabugao said the four people they were monitoring provided the video karera machines to the house owned by Manuelito Mangahas, but they also escaped the raid 10 minutes before it started. Mangahas, however, was caught along with three players.


Although the police did not get tips about Reyes and his illegal gambling ways, Cabugao said that if they found Reyes in the house getting involved with illegal gambling, they would have been arrested him too.

The video karera machines were said to have been confiscated near the BAYAN headquarters in Diliman, Quezon City.

We traced the source of the article and it turned out to be Okd2, which has made up a lot of stories that we busted, such as Smartmatic threatening Comelec and Liberal Party with the ‘truth’ so they will pay for their “extra service” to make LP candidates win, New York Times journalist getting robbed, Senator Risa Hontiveros filing a bill to increase the salary of rallyists, and more.

Addressing these fake news stories, Reyes said the lies against him and other activists got worse after the Marcos burial protests.

“I am waiting for the mainstream media and their watchdogs to speak out against and expose the fake news and defamatory articles being posted online against myself, activists, and the Left. The fake news articles have been circulating for some time now and have intensified after the Marcos burial protests,” he said in his Facebook post.

“These are orchestrated online attacks by Marcos trolls and paid hacks,” he added.


Reyes also addressed the mainstream media.

“Should the mainstream media and its watchdogs just stand idly by as the Marcos hacks wage a ruthless online campaign against activists and against legitimate dissent? Where is the media’s outrage? Is it because the target is an activist? Is it because the target is the Left?” he said.

“We have consistently stood for press freedom, condemned the killings of journalists, and have defended journalist friends who have been unfairly attacked online,” he added.

Reyes urged the media to help defend the activists against the “online campaign to silence dissent.”

Renato Reyes Playing Video Karera

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