Busted: De Lima’s son caught with drugs? It’s a hoax from a fake news site

Recent news has been circulating online and have been posted by several websites about the alleged arrest of Vincent Joshua De Lima, Senator Leila De Lima’s son, at Frankfurt International airport in Germany due to a drug-related case.

De Limas Son caught with drugs
De Limas Son caught with drugs


According to the website,, Vincent Joshua was caught at the airport in Germany along with two other Filipinos after they refused to have their luggage inspected at the custom duty entrance.
Vincent and the other two Filipinos were allegedly caught having a bag of drugs in their luggage that weighed 50 kilograms. The article said that they were brought to Frankfurt Jail by Monday afternoon and will have to appear in court by Tuesday morning, December 27. Contrary to the claims of this website about the alleged arrest of Senator Leila De Lima’s son, no official news has been released of any arrest concerning Vincent De Lima. There are also not enough evidence that will prove that Vincent travelled to Germany during the time frame stated by the article.
Moreover, what made the claim more questionable was the source that they cited which happened to be

De Limas Son caught with drugs is known to be a satire news site that posts fake articles and spreads false information, some of which we’ve busted before, such as US President-elect Donald Trump threatening Loida Lewis with a deportation from the US, British PM Theresa May insisting Duterte is not impeachable and her saying that she wanted to be like Duterte, De Lima being thrown out of a conference in Germany, and more.

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