Busted: 3rd Presidential Debate Questions Not Leaked, Mar Roxas’ Answers Not Scripted

With the conclusion of the third leg of the PiliPinas Presidential Debate, one of the issues raised on social media is the possibility that the questions for the candidates were leaked before the debate. Some Facebook users were even accusing ABS-CBN to be biased to particularly one candidate – Mar Roxas.


Those who suspected the leak were asking just how would the person typing the caption know what Roxas’ answer would be as the caption on the TV screen went “Roxas: Binangga Ko Ang Mga Malalaking Interes.

They also added that Roxas was quite eloquent in answering the questions and presenting facts and figures to back up his arguments enough to fit into his allotted time.

Malicious Post Leaked Debate Questions
Screengrab from the malicious post shared on Facebook.

But was the typist really aware of Roxas’ answer in advance, so much so that the caption went up the same time he uttered almost the same line? Click on to reveal the truth.


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