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Busted: Another edited photo made it seem like Bicol is ‘ashamed’ of VP Leni

There were plenty of trolls creating memes with false information and editing photos to paint people in a bad light during the election campaign. And they are still at it, targeting Vice President-elect Leni Robredo. Even the good memory of her late husband, former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, was not safe from the hands of these trolls.


Just like what happened during the campaign period, maliciously edited photos were among their preferred weapon in bringing the incoming vice president down. While the photo below is OBVIOUSLY edited, many people still fall for it, especially those who are click-happy in sharing Facebook posts.

Bicol Ashamed of VP Leni

But does this picture really say it’s all about the Bicolanos and VP Leni?

Click on the button to reveal the truth.


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