Busted: UK Prime Minister Theresa May DID NOT say Duterte is unimpeachable

There have been so many fake news involving Queen Elizabeth II and President Rodrigo Duterte that we have busted before, with the most outrageous ones being that the queen had a statue built for Duterte or how she allegedly commented on Senator Leila De Lima’s involvement with drugs.

This time, though, the fake news makers geared their sight on the UK Prime Minister Theresa May allegedly saying that Duterte is unimpeachable because he has numbers. The article was shared by Facebook fan pages such as “Duterte News Media,” “Tatay Digong – Unofficial,” and “Duterte 2016,” among others. From these three pages alone, the article about May’s comment on Duterte have gained almost 4,000 shares.

Prime Minister Theresa May Duterte Unimpeachable
UK Prime Minister Theresa May

UK Prime Minister Theresa May

May was even quoted in the article, saying: “Its laughable to hear some senators from Philippines are trying to think Duterte can be impeached, this is the biggest joke of the year, majority of the Filipinos believe Rodrigo Duterte is a God sent leader and few crooked senators like Leila de Lima and her boyfriend Richard Gordon dream of impeaching him, you cannot compete with the will people.”

There were other statements included in the article, too.


The one from De Lima said: “That is betrayal of public trust and that constitutes high crimes because mass murder certainly fall into the category of high crimes. And high crimes is a good ground for impeachment under the constitution.” At least this is a real statement from De Lima, which she made during her interview with CNN International’s Amara Walker on December 15.

Gordon was also quoted in the article: “When he says that, he’s opening himself up, so what’s the legal way, then go ahead and impeach him.” This is also a real statement from Senator Gordon.

The article was picked up by, although a closer look at its source led us to a website called

Now, we’d like to point out all the things that proved just how fake this article is. First of all, UK PM May did not utter the statement that was quoted in the article. This is a lie.


Second, Gordon is De Lima’s colleague, not her boyfriend, as the fake article has pointed out. In fact, both senators got into a spat over De Lima receiving an award from US publication “Foreign Policy.” Gordon said he is not buying De Lima’s recognition as one of the FP Top 100 Global Thinkers and De Lima responded hit back at Gordon, saying that there is “no award for kowtowing to the President.”

Third, is the same fake news site that has posted about made-up stories, which we busted, such as Trump warning Filipinos it will take five more decades to get another Duterte or De Lima hiring an Indian witch to confuse Duterte.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May

You can’t trust a website that has repeatedly posted lies online, all while trying to imitate a major news network Fox.

To clarify things, no, UK PM Theresa May did not comment on Philippine affairs or on how some senators started talking about Duterte and his impeachability.

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