Busted: News on De Lima’s sister being arrested in China for drug trafficking is fake!

News articles about Caroline De Lima, sister of Senator Leila De Lima, being arrested in China for drug trafficking has been recently circulating in social media. Duterte and Marcos fan pages have been sharing those articles, which have now earned thousands of shares.


According to the news, Caroline was suspected and marked by Chinese authorities when she arrived in Beijing on Sunday from Manila. The news also claims that Caroline had the help of a Chinese accomplice in her travel to the said country.

As of writing, many Facebook pages have been posting this article and commenting about a greater connection of embattled Senator Leila De Lima to the drug trade in the Philippines which she is being linked with.

One of the Facebook pages that shared this, Duterte News Global, also incited discussion about how Senator Trillanes will now defend De Lima.

The Facebook pages that have been posting this article are proven to be mostly Duterte and Marcos supporters.

De Limas Sister Arrested in China
De Limas Sister Arrested in China[/50_50_second]

De Limas Sister Arrested in China

There has been no official news and confirmation about Caroline being involved or arrested due to drug trafficking.

Upon careful research, it has been found out that this news was posted by a satire news site called

[ads2] is obviously a website trying to dupe people into believing that it is somehow affiliated with The Philippine Star. It’s just like the trend these days with fake news sites using website names close to the names of real news sites. Examples of these would be thet1mes, da1lymail, dai1lymail, theguard1an, and more.

We also checked the other articles published by and found that aside from the fake story about de Lima’s sister, the website also has fake articles claiming that Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay has resigned from Duterte’s Cabinet or that the new Thai king calls Duterte “my father.”

De Limas Sister Arrested in China

De Limas Sister Arrested in China

It might be a safer bet to avoid articles from if you don’t want to handle the risk of being fed fake articles.

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