Madam Claudia slams Mocha for labeling media as ‘presstitutes,’ pays respect to media’s work

Showbiz entertainment portal PEP released a video of some reporters asking Communications Secretary Martin Andanar whether entertainer and President Rodrigo Duterte’s die-hard supporter Mocha Uson is affecting the president’s communications negatively. Andanar responded, saying that social media is “free space” anyway. They cannot control what social media personalities say on Facebook, the same way they don’t have the same power over the media. Andanar also said that as per Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea’s memo, only the presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella and the Presidential Communications Office are allowed to speak in behalf of Duterte.

Uson reacted to the reporters’ questions, calling them “presstitutes,” accusing them of getting paid, while clarifying that she knows showbiz reporters who are her friends and who report the truth.

In response to Uson, Facebook page Madam Claudia has something to say to her.

Claudia said that Uson’s anger at the reporters who interviewed Andanar when she herself has the habit of shaming journalists. She also emphasized that the reporters in the video were simply asking Andanar, adding that unlike Uson who immediately accused reporters of “destroying” Dutete. Claudia pointed out that Uson should have wondered why the media report basically the same things about Duterte.

“Hindi mo naitanong kung bakit pare-parehas sila ng ibinabalita gayong magkakakompitensya sila,” Madam Claudia said.

Claudia called out Mocha for always labeling journalists who report bad news about Duterte as “paid” and “biased” journalists, even calling them “presstitutes.”

Uson has previously said that she does get her news from the mainstream media, Claudia noted. She asked what Uson would do if the media do step back and Uson would be the only “media” left in the Philippines.


Claudia then talked about the importance of the media’s work in getting the latest news and whether Uson can deliver such level of work if she’s left alone to do the reporting.

“Maibabalita mo ba agad kung may bagyo na paparating? Gago beshy, nakaalis na yung bagyo, hindi mo pa rin naibabalita. Maibabalita mo ba agad kara-karaka sa sangka-Idioterteha na may terorismong naganap sa ganitong lugar? Beshy, baka binobomba na tayo, wala ka pa ring naibabalita,” Claudia wrote.

Claudia even showed Uson’s late reaction to Andanar’s video as an example of how “late” her reporting might be if she becomes the lone media in the country.

“Kung tutuusin nga, LATE REACTION ka na sa video interview ng PEP kay Andanar eh. Kasi LAST WEEK pa yan. Kumbaga, huli ka na sa balita. Tapos, ang lakas ng loob mong husgahan ang media? Media na laging updated? Gago!” Claudia said.

The journalists had to go through a long, difficult process for them to do their work, Claudia said, and all Uson had to do was to call them “biased” and “bayaran.”

As for Uson complaining about the media reporting only negative things about Duterte, she said that Uson is also the same thing to Senator Leila de Lima.

“Ayaw mo ng negative news tungkol sa panggulo este pangulo pero numero uno ka sa paglalabas ng mga negatibong balita kay de Lima? Sabi nga nila, kung ayaw mong gawin sayo, wag mong gawin sa kapwa mo. E kaso beshy, ginagawa mo din naman,” Claudia said.

And as her reminder to Uson, Claudia: “Practice what you preach! Sin verguenza!”


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