Busted: Pacquaio gave $5M to support Duterte’s drug war? It’s another SATIRE article!

Several Facebook pages dedicated to President Rodrigo Duterte and his supporters shared articles about how Senator Manny Pacquiao gave Duterte $5 million to support the government’s campaign against drugs.

[50_50_first]Pacquiao Support Dutertes Drug War[/50_50_first][50_50_second]
Pacquiao Support Dutertes Drug War[/50_50_second]Pacquiao Support Dutertes Drug War

Even former Congressman Abdulgani “Gerry” Salapuddin also shared an article claiming the same thing about the boxing champ.Pacquiao Support Dutertes Drug War

And Duterte and Pacquiao’s supporters sang praises for the politicians, especially to the boxer for his generosity.

Pacquiao Support Dutertes Drug War

Pacquiao Support Dutertes Drug War

The articles said that Pacquiao donated $5 million (roughly P237 million) to the ongoing war against drugs. The world champion was even quoted saying, “I wish I could take all the cost involved and do more than this but I know this little money can help reach the ultimate goal of making the Philippines a drug-free nation.”

Duterte was said to have thanked Pacquiao for the support.


We Googled what was said to be a quote from Pacquiao and found this:

Pacquiao Support Dutertes Drug War

It turned out that the original source of the articles shared by the Duterte fan pages is

The content of the articles shared by these fan pages and The Guard1an’s article are exactly the same. If you’ve read Memebuster articles before, you’d know that is a satirical blog. They only post articles for entertainment purposes, but the comments on the Duterte fan pages obviously showed how they took the satire article seriously.

Pacquiao Support Dutertes Drug War

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