Busted: Hillary Clinton did not show Duterte some love! It’s a completely made up story!

American presidential candidate Hillary Clinton showed Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte some love, according to articles shared by some Facebook users.

Hillary Clinton Show Duterte Love

Hillary Clinton Show Duterte Love

Hillary Clinton Show Duterte Love

This caught our attention because the last time both Clinton and Duterte were in the news was when Clinton commented on how US President Barack Obama made the right choice not to push through with his meeting with Duterte. Clinton added that in the US and Philippine relations, it is important to have a “certain level of respect” between both sides.

This came after Duterte made strong remarks against the US and Obama when asked by a reporter how he would react if Obama started talking about the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. Duterte expressed regret over his comments and the meeting was reportedly rescheduled.

The articles, bearing the same content, claimed that unlike other leaders and organizations, Clinton praised Duterte’s war on drugs.


Clinton was even quoted saying: “This is the man women need at home. A man who could take bold decisions to ensure better life at home no matter what would cost him.”

The article also claimed that other leaders feared the possibility of being prosecuted at the International Criminal Courts, which is why they are not “bold enough” to decide for the well-being of their citizens.

And there was even another quote supposedly from Clinton, saying “You are my man. I got your back.”

However, the site was first posted by DW-Tv3, which is certainly not the most reliable site there is. In fact, Memebuster has busted a few of its posts, like North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un saying those who opposed Dutertes’ anti-drug war have “no love for humanity,” and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling Duterte “brave,” among others.

It’s safe to say that DW-Tv3 cannot be trusted. Clinton calling Duterte as “the man” is a fake story. You can even Google this and you’ll see that you will not find anything about Clinton making such a remark on Duterte.

And the same thing goes for the other site that shared the article, the Te1egraph. The website has shared fake articles before, such as Bill Gates investing $20 billion in the Philippines, Africa’s richest man Aiko Dangote dying, and social rights activist Archbishop Desmond Tutu dying. Just like DW-Tv3, Te1egraph cannot be trusted.

Hillary Clinton Show Duterte Love

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