Busted: Bishop Soc Villegas denies saying Duterte should resign

Bishop Socrates Villegas was allegedly quoted saying that it would be much better if President Rodrigo Duterte will resign, based on the article shared by Facebook page Favradio FM.

Duterte Should Resign

The article claimed that Villegas said: “Mamulat ang mga kabataan sa masasamang salita ng Pangulo, much better magresign na lang siya.” This quote was merely repeated three times throughout the article with no source cited as to when the bishop uttered the statement.

But many netizens bought the story.

Duterte Should Resign

A netizen posted the article and commented on how the bishop has become a victim of the fake news, adding that he knows Bishop Villegas personally and the bishop is “a far much more cultured and educated person to speak that way.”

Bishop Villegas himself commented on the post. He denied saying that statement.

“It is a fake statement. I did not say this. Please help me fight lies with truth,” Villegas said in his comment on his friend’s post.

Duterte Should Resign

Well, Favradio is not exactly a credible source of news. Among its latest posts was about Senator Leila de Lima suffering from a heart attack, which is a fake article. Would you trust a blog that publishes fake, misleading articles? If you spot articles from this blog, make sure to verify them first by checking other sources.

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