Busted: De Lima rushed to St. Lukes for a heart attack? It’s a fake article!

Duterte and Marcos fan pages on Facebook shared an article about how de Lima was rushed to St. Luke’s after suffering from a heart attack. The Marcos fan page even predicted that the senator will likely be sitting on a wheelchair after her hospitalization and urged the de Lima to point to another high ranking government official who also served as a drug protector.

The article has been shared over 2,400 times, as of posting.

De Lima Heart Attack[/50_50_first][50_50_second]
De Lima Heart Attack[/50_50_second]

The article actually contained images of reports about de Lima and how she was rushed to the hospital due to “either acute hypertension or possible a fatal heart attack.” This was said to have occurred after de Lima talked to the press about her “predicaments” in the Lower House, where votes were not enough to stop the viewing of three of her alleged sex videos. When she was about to get inside her car, the senator was said to have complained about “stabbing pains on her chest.” She was then sent to the hospital, the article added.

Based on the comments from Facebook users, they actually believed in the article. Some predicted that de Lima would pull off the hospital arrest card, while others believed that she was merely putting on a show. There are also those that the heart attack could be the result of not sleeping well and lying.

De Lima Heart Attack

The article was posted by We could not find an About Us page on the blog, but we scrolled down some more and finally spotted the site’s Disclaimer.

Its Disclaimer states: “Unless stated otherwise, all stories published here are from figments of imagination. These stories, though, are ridiculously good that you would rather believe them to be true. Wouldn’t you? Reader’s discretion is advised.”

De Lima Heart Attack

While many of the commenters on the Facebook posts about de Lima’s supposed heart attack taunted her, they were actually pointing fingers at the senator for a story that is totally made up. But this is not something new, though, as netizens have fallen for so many fake stories that we’ve busted. They fell for fake articles about de Lima supposedly trying to commit suicide, Samsung launching phones called Samsung Galaxy Duterte, or Microsoft founder Bill Gates investing $20 billion in the Philippines.

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