Busted: De Lima did not try to commit suicide! Articles came from site with lots of fake news

Several Facebook pages shared articles about Senator Leila de Lima being placed under tight security after attempting to commit suicide.

De Lima Commit Suicide De Lima Commit SuicideDe Lima Commit Suicide

De Lima Commit Suicide

The articles, though, have exactly the same content. They claimed that de Lima, described as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s “fiercest critic,” attempted to take her life for unknown reasons, adding that security experts speculated it could be because she is “running out of shame or possible prosecution” after Duterte showed his certainty that she would go to jail.


The articles also quoted Duterte predicting de Lima’s incarceration after several New Bilibid Prison inmates testified against her at the House inquiry into the alleged proliferation of the drug trade in the national penitentiary.

The blog cited as its source. We checked the latter and its cited source was

However, is obviously a blog created for laughs or something else. As its disclaimer has said, its readers have to agree that the Internet was invented by a Filipino a few days before Duterte became president.

De Lima Commit Suicide

Moreover, just one look at the other articles they published and you’d know the site should not be taken seriously as they are fond of making up stories and posting fake news.

Since Duterte’s supporters and de Lima’s haters were all too quick to believe that the senator did try to end her life, would they also readily believe that the International Criminal Court (ICC) hunted Duterte to arrest him over extra-judicial killings, that he would require Filipinos to undergo drug testing and kill all those who’d test positive, that Duterte left the United Nations to start a killing spree? These are also the same headlines touted by dai1ymail.

De Lima Commit Suicide

So if you ever come upon articles from or from articles that cited the said blog as its source, beware. Verify the articles first by reading credible sources.

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