Busted: Marcos fan page lies about Jaybee Sebastian linking PNoy, de Lima, Roxas, LP senators to drugs!

Did high-profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian finally reveal what he knew about the drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison?

A Facebook fan page dedicated to former Senator Bongbong Marcos shared photos of Sebastian and what appears to be his sworn statement with the caption claiming that the inmate finally spoke out against former President Benigno Aquino III and the other officials under his party, the Liberal Party.

The admin of the page claimed that Sebastian revealed that Aquino, along with Senator Leila de Lima, former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas and LP senators were actually the masterminds behind the establishment of drug laboratories all over the country. The page added that Sebastian knew de Lima was the one who wanted him dead because of what he knows about the illegal drug trade.

Jaybee Sebastian Linking Drugs

We checked just how true the page’s claims are. We looked for copies of Sebastian’s sworn statement and found them posted on Twitter by ABS-CBN.

We found out that Sebastian’s sworn statement was merely questioned about the stabbing incident in the Bilibid that killed inmate Tony Co and hurt Sebastian, Peter Co, and Vicente Sy. Sebastian narrated how he was suddenly stabbed by inmate Tomas Donina, who is inmate Clarence Dongail’s fellow gang member.


Unlike what initial reports claimed that the Chinese drug lords were having a pot session, Sebastian said he was just watching the news on TV in the mess hall in Building 14 in the Bilibid. There was no pot session or altercation before the stabbing started.

The Marcos fan page is obviously lying about the contents of Sebastian’s sworn statement to spread hate against the former administration and those who are still associated with it. And the page actually fooled so many people, based on many of the comments on the post.

Jaybee Sebastian Linking Drugs[/50_50_first][50_50_second]
Jaybee Sebastian Linking Drugs[/50_50_second]

While the page’s photo of page 4 of Sebastian’s sworn statement is blurry, what’s clear in this post is that the page aims make up lies and mislead thousands of people, who easily believe in flimsy claims and blurry photos. Sebastian’s statement was focused only on the stabbing incident. And his camp has already expressed the desire to talk to President Rodrigo Duterte alone on what he knows about the drug trade in the Bilibid, although Duterte has already declined that request.

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