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Watch out for these fake and satire sites, think before you click, and read before you react

  1. Balitang Pinas

Balitang Pinas’s disclaimer says the site “cannot guarantee the legitimacy of some of the information” contributed by its readers. It even advised readers to “do additional research” if they find some information doubtful. At least the site’s disclaimer’s honest even if many of its articles are fake.

As of posting, its most popular posts include several fake articles that we already busted, such as the police raiding Agot Isidro’s house, the late Miriam Santiago telling Duterte not to trust VP Robredo, and Putin calling Ramos blind.

The site is linked to Facebook page “Duterte Balita.”


  1. Pilipinas Online Updates

Pilipinas Online Updates’s disclaimer says it all, wherein it does not assure its readers as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of its content.

As of posting, its trending news include fake articles, such as Angelina Jolie wishing for a Duterte in the US and Obama calling de Lima abnormal.

The site also gets some of its articles from Balitang Pinas.

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