Busted: Trillanes accepted P500M from de Lima? It’s unverified news from a blog with several fake news

Did Senator Antonio Trillanes IV receive a P500 million check from Senator Leila de Lima in order to pay for his political ad against President Rodrigo Duterte last elections?

This is what the blog claimed.

Trillanes accepted P500M de Lima

In its article “Viral News: Trillanes and His P500 Million Peso Check from De Lima Used to Pay Political Ad Against Duterte in May This Year” published on September 5, the blog claimed that Trillanes used P120 million pesos of the P500 million check to pay for the cost of making and airing the ad and pocketed the rest of the money.

“Where does this check come from? Our source said the check passed through a very controversial lady senator these days. She is reportedly one of the “board of directors” of this so-called BIG POLITICAL UNDERGROUND PARTY that consisted of corrupt government officials, Senators, Governors, Congressmen, Mayor, Vice-Mayors, and important people from the local Philippine drug trade,” the blog said.

As to the source of this information, said, “If we disclose our information or even try to follow the trail of this check then we probably will be wiped out from the face of the earth before the week ends,” alluding to a threat to their life if they ever reveal their “source.”

“For now, let’s just put this simply as a very ridiculous report that does not have any “reliable source” and wait until mainstream media picks it after a few days and proceed with their ‘investigative reporting’ they so proudly claim these days. Okay?” the blog added.


The blog used the image of a check that Memebuster has busted before. That P500 million check named to Trillanes is fake. The check is edited. Trillanes even visited Banco de Oro and obtained a document certifying that the account number on the check does not exist in the bank’s system.

Moreover, the site posted unverified news. They said it themselves when they wrote, “Of course, no matter how exciting this report is, we cannot and we do not want to verify the veracity of this information lest it will cost us our very small lives. It is up to the public to discern and filter the lies from all the truths lying out there.”

And this is not the first time the site has daringly posted FAKE NEWS. In fact, their most popular posts are all FAKE.

Trillanes accepted P500M de Lima

They have repeatedly announced former Senator Bongbong Marcos as the winner in the vice presidential race last elections. However, both articles turned out to be fake news.

And would you trust a blog that also fell for Adobo Chronicles’ satirical article about Vice President Leni Robredo’s supposed plan to resign immediately if Duterte is elected president? Nope.

How else could we trust a blog that only seemed to publish articles clickbait to generate more traffic to their website? They even failed to discern satire/fake news from a real one. The next time you see articles from, BEWARE!

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