Busted: Trump congratulated PH gov’t for eliminating drug lords? It’s a hoax!

Articles claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Philippine government for arresting Senator Leila De Lima surfaced a few days ago, but we busted it as fake news. This time, several online articles are claiming that US President Donald Trump has also sent his congratulatory message to the Philippine government via a tweet for wiping out drug lords in the country.
It was shared several Duterte pages, such as “Duterte Warriors,” “Duterte-Marcos Real Change,” and “Inday Sara Supporters.”

Trump congratulated PH gov't
Trump congratulated PH gov't

Trump congratulated PH gov't

While the articles the pages shared were published by blogs such as and, the story actually came from the fake news site It seemed to be trying to imitate Fox News (

Trump congratulated PH gov't

Trump allegedly “tweeted a congratulatory article” about the Philippine judiciary, claimed the article. The American president’s tweet was even quoted in the article as saying:
“Philippines Judiciary under Pres. Duterte is a no nonsense department. The Judiciary and President Duterte does not give room to corrupt people irrespective of their positions. This is how my judiciary is going to operate here in US. Congratulations Philippines Government.”

The article also noted how Senator Leila De Lima was arrested on February 24 for drug trafficking charges.

While Trump is a prolific Twitter user, we haven’t found any recent tweet, at least from February 24, but we could not find any tweet congratulating the “Philippine Judiciary.” Trump is quite occupied with the issues his own country is facing to meddle in what is happening in the Philippines. He has tweeted about granting a “big interview,” demanding that the FBI investigate “leakers,” calling certain news stations as “fake news media,” and more.

Moreover, made up fake stories about De Lima’s son being arrested for carrying drugs, Trump calling VP Leni Robredo a fool, Robredo being deported from the US, Robredo committing abortion, and more. It’s easy to conclude that this site cannot be trusted.

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