Busted: Was De Lima rushed to hospital after fainting? She wasn’t! It’s fake news!

After busting the hoax report about Senator Leila De Lima being rushed to the hospital after attempting to commit suicide, yet another surfaced claiming that the senator was hospitalized after fainting.
The article was shared by a certain Mpenda Amani to the Facebook group “Rody ‘Digong’ Duterte Solid Group” and has since earned 51 shares and 370 reactions, as of writing.

De Lima rushed to hospital

And the netizens comments showed that they believed in the article’s claims, with many of them expressing anger over De Lima’s “best actress” stunt, believing that she was only acting to get out of prison.

De Lima rushed to hospital
De Lima rushed to hospital

However, there were also those who pointed out the news as fake.

And it really is a hoax!

The article came from fake news site, which is obviously trying to deceive people into believing that it is from Cable News Network (

De Lima rushed to hospital
According to the article, De Lima fainted and was revealed to have been suffering from pneumonia since the day of her arrest.

However, it was not revealed at all that the senator was suffering from pneumonia. She underwent a medical examination at the CIDG headquarters in Camp Crame before getting detained on February 24.

According to Senator Francis Pangilinan, De Lima remained “composed” after arrest, although her high blood pressure was “slightly elevated.”

There was no mention about De Lima having pneumonia at all! It was merely made up by the fake news site, the same site that published the hoax about Putin congratulating the Philippine government for De Lima’s arrest.

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