Busted: Did Trump call Robredo a fool? Fake news alert!

US President-elect Donald Trump has figured in several fake articles linking him to the political scene in the Philippines. This time around, an article surfaced on Facebook claiming that Trump called Vice President Leni Robredo a “fool” for resigning when she is fired.

Trump Call Robredo a Fool
Trump Call Robredo a Fool

The article said that Trump criticized Robredo over her “resignation,” adding that she should not play with the Filipinos’ minds by doing and tell the truth instead – that she was fired for being ineffective.

Trump was quoted saying, “Philippines Vice President who was discharged from her duties by the Philippines government over incompetence should come out clearly and tell Filipinos that she did not resign, only a fool can resign when is fired. You cannot resign when you are already fired.”

Trump also reportedly said that Robredo’s sacking came after a report emerged showing her involvement with drug lords, making her an obstacle in President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war.


Another statement allegedly from Trump said, “The lady was fired after reports reached the office of the President that she’s in-collaboration with Sen. Leila de Lima and other drug lords in the Philippines to undermine Duterte’s efforts on war against drugs trafficking.”

However, Cabinet Secretary Leoncio “Jun” Evasco Jr. said that Duterte was not firing Robredo, despite admitting that the President did order Robredo to desist from attending Cabinet meetings starting December 5.

“There was no instruction for her to be terminated in her position. Whatever decision she would take in the future, it will be her prerogative.

Robredo handed in her resignation on December 5 and Evasco replaced her as HUDCC chair.

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, though, thought that Robredo was fired.


“Considering the situation, I think she is FIRED,” he said in a text message.

As to the article’s claim that Trump slammed Robredo for resigning when she was fired, that is definitely a hoax. Considering how the article was published by fake news site, this fictional story is not the first one the site has come up with.

Trump Call Robredo a Fool

This is also the same fake news site with stories that we’ve busted, such as Trump threatening Loida Lewis for ‘disrespecting Duterte, warning Filipinos it will take 50 years before they can have another Duterte,” De Lima paying an Indian witch to confuse Duterte, and more.

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