Busted: Did Trump hail Duterte as one of the “greatest” presidents today? This is a misleading title!

US President-elect Donald Trump allegedly said that President Rodrigo Duterte is one of the “greatest” presidents in the world today. At least, this is what several blogs have claimed.

Trump Hail Duterte Greatest Presidents Today
Trump Hail Duterte Greatest Presidents Today[/50_50_second]

These blogs include,,,,,,,,, and more.


We clicked on the top result, an article from and found an almost 32-minute YouTube video about Trump’s exclusive interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

We also found another article with the same title from with this image, making it seem like during Trump’s interview with CNN, he hailed Duterte as one of the “greatest president (sic) in the world today,” adding that he will support Duterte.

Trump Hail Duterte Greatest Presidents Today

Watching the video, Trump was interviewed about the alleged Russian hacking, his choices of Cabinet appointments, watching the Army-Navy game, where he will live, whether he will continue managing his businesses, his reaction to the time leading to the announcement of his victory, among others.


There was definitely no mention of Duterte through his interview with Fox news so the blogs duped readers into believing Trump called Duterte one of the “greatest” presidents today with a misleading title.

And if you look at the image that was posted by one of the blogs, it is obviously an edited one with a grammatically erroneous caption, not to mention they edited it to make it seem like it was a CNN interview. This made the photo completely irrelevant to its accompanying video, which was the same video of Trump’s interview with Fox News.

This is not the first fake article that tried to project Trump as some sort of a Duterte fan. We busted fake articles about Trump saying he wanted to be like Duterte, inviting Duterte to his January 2017 inauguration, threatening Loida Lewis for ‘disrespecting’ the Philippine president, sending a private jet to fetch Duterte for advice, making Duterte the first world leader he called after winning the US elections, and asking Japanese PM Abe to support Duterte.

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