Busted: Article about Trump wanting to be like Duterte is a HOAX!

Has the US President-elect Donald Trump said that he wants to be like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?

Duterte fan page OFW Global Movement Supports President Rody Duterte shared an article with this headline: “Donald Trump: I want to be like Rodrigo Duterte.”

Trump Wanting to Be Like Duterte

According to the article, Trump said that he wished to be as hardworking as Duterte, whom he said to be fulfilling campaign promises.

This quote was attributed to Trump: “I want to be like Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, a hardworker and an intelligent man. He’s fulfilling what he promised, and I will fulfill what I promised the Americans.”

Trump supposedly said that he also wanted to restore the US-PH relationship “ruined” by the current administration in the US.

Another quote from Trump went on to say: “Duterte is my friend, I will work with him and indeed I’m going to help him fight drug-lords not only in Philippines but also in the whole world, we are going to restore our good relationship with the Philippines.”


While it would have been a huge change between the current souring ties between the US and PH due to President Duterte’s recent remarks against America and Obama, all these statements from Trump are made up. You can try to verify these statements to see if they really came from Trump, but you will not find any other credible source bearing the same statements.

Moreover, the article came from BBC-Channel, which has published fake articles several times already. Some of their articles that we already busted include the following:


When Trump did comment in relation to Duterte, it was through this September 6 tweet, when Duterte made strong remarks against Obama.


That BBC-Channel article on Trump aspiring to be like Duterte is a total hoax!

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