Busted: De Lima believes she’s a hero for defending women’s rights? Misleading title!

Did Senator Leila de Lima say that she believes herself to be a hero for championing women’s rights?
The title used by blogspot user Alon C. Dy, “De Lima Believes She’s A Hero For Defending Women’s Rights in the Philippines,” does make it seem like the Senator truly sees herself as a hero for advocating for the rights of her fellow women.


And the Dy’s opening sentence goes, “Senator Leila De Lima believes to herself that she is doing a right thing, making new laws to defend and protect the rights of women against abuses and various forms of violence after the lady senator was imprisoned because of the allegations that she was a drug protector when she was still a DOJ secretary under Aquino administration.”
Dy went on to narrate De Lima’s case, the proliferation of the drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison during the Aquino administration, how President Rodrigo Duterte is doing his best to eliminate illegal drugs in the country.

He even weighed in with his opinion: “Of course, it was very hard to pinpoint those drug lords at the time of the Aquino administration since there were allegations of high-ranking government officials who were known as the masterminds and drug protectors of illegal drugs.”

Dy’s blog even got shared on Facebook by some Facebook users and the page “Yes On The Death Penalty.”


De Lima did file Senate Bill 1438 or the Women in State Custody Act of 2017, which seeks to protect female inmates, including separating them from male inmates, providing them with female security personnel during interrogation, allowing them to file complaints when their rights are violated through relatives or lawyers, and prohibiting contact between female inmates and male security personnel unless female security personnel is around.

However, Dy did not actually mention something about when Senator De Lima said that she believed herself to be a hero for defending women’s rights. Only his title claimed that De Lima sees herself as such, making it a misleading title. We also couldn’t find other articles that could support Dy’s claim.

This is not the first misleading article about De Lima allegedly hailing herself a hero. Meme Buster busted a fake news before about how De Lima allegedly said that she’d become a hero if she gets killed, something that earned the ire of the netizens.

This is also not the first time Dy spread wrong information online. We busted fake articles from his blog claiming that De Lima cried after being kicked out of a Germany conference, Ronnie Dayan’s wife is going to file adultery charges, world leaders congratulating Duterte for the P6-billion drug bust, Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach giving away female condoms, and Edgar Matobato seeking state protection against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and his cohorts.

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