Busted: World leaders congratulated Duterte for P6-billion drug bust? Misleading title!

An article has been circulating online about world leaders allegedly congratulating President Rodrigo Duterte after a 6B drug bust in the Philippines recently.

Shared by Facebook group “SNP – Social News Philippines,” the article has garnered more than 2,700 shares and 3,000 reactions, as of writing.

World Leaders Congratulated Duterte Drug Bust

The article entitled “BREAKING! World Leaders Congratulate Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte For Confiscating 6 Billion Worth of Illegal Drugs” was posted by the website

The article talks about the successful operation where P6 billion worth of illegal drugs were seized. This proves to be a great accomplishment since it is the biggest haul of illegal drugs so far in the history of the Philippines.

While the headline of the title claims that a congratulatory message exists, the only video shown in the article is the news report from GMA’s “24 Oras.”


The article also included a quote from a certain Mr. Alon Calinao Dy who claims that this drug operation “is a good news and a big success of Duterte administration. That is the reason why famous leaders around the world have so much respect for the president.”

The source of this article,, has also been proven to be publishing fake news before. We even busted those fake stories, which include Senator Leila De Lima crying after being kicked out in Germany and claims about Ronnie Dayan’s wife planning to file adultery charges based on social media reports that Dy read online.

Moreover, while it is true that this said drug bust last December is the biggest illegal drug operation in Philippine history, we found no proof that world leaders congratulated President Rodrigo Duterte for this accomplishment.


What made Social News Philippines’ post deceiving is that they even put the photos of US President Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and Russian President Vladimir Putin along with the article. Combine it with the misleading title and they were able to easily deceive netizens who didn’t bother to click on the link and read the article to believe that these world leaders and personalities did congratulate Duterte for the drug bust!

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